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    Still having issues installing Flash


      THANK YOU for a reply.


      I got flash to work in Firefox last night but it still will not work in IE.  In fact Internet Explorer stopped "exploring"  The home page loads but no matter what I do, it keeps reopening the home page when I click on links or manually enter a link..


      I know it is not your problem but until I can get IE to work correctly, why even try to load Flash in IE?


      Below you give two links to load Flash and then have me do a CLEAN INSTALL.  By this do you mean go into the control panel and uninstall all adobe stuff and start over?


      Then if I want both to work, should I go into IE and do the install from there first, then go into Firefox and do the plugins?


      Thank you for your help and now I'll try to figure out IE.  A "friend" suggested I re-install the operating system.  I really do not want to go there....