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    Media Browser crashes when accessing XSan


      When using Media Browswer, (premiere or prelude) if I click on our XSAN root on the left, the 'View as:' switches to 'XDCAM-HD' and the program freezes (pinwheel).  I can import items from the SAN and play footage just fine using the import dialog in Premiere or drag and drop, so it is not entirely a SAN access issue.  It seems to be an error when MB tries to analyse the file structure, and gets stuck - my best guess.


      It is a 16TB SAN.  CS6, updated.


      OSX 10.7.5

      XSAN 2.3


      Issue occurs on multiple SAN connected machines, including a freshly wiped, newly installed computer.


      MacPros 2-4 yrs old.

      Thanks for any insight.