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    Transparent SWF

    Felt_Graphics Level 1
      Hello, im quite new to Director, well I havent used it since I was studing about 5 years ago!!!

      Ive got 2 problems that I need help with,
      so here it goes

      Im having a problem importing SWFs into Director 2004
      I dont know how to remove the SWFs background colour, so its transparent, so only whats in the flash movie is visable

      so for example if you had a large image in the background in Director and you wanted the flash to act as a menu (over the image) so I dont want a white box surrounding the button in flash.

      so how do you import an swf with a transparent background

      In flash you can load seperate Movie Clips (MC) above your stage
      for example (what im trying to do is)

      people will browse through a gallery of image using a next and previous button (images are full screen)
      lets say 9 images in total.
      but at anytime I want the user to select an image from thumbnails,so the user will click for thumbnails (so they will apear) I want a movie clip of some kind, so it doesnt effect the position of the playhead to appear, so you can select an image, then the thumbnail menu will disapear again

      (hope I explained that right???)

      im having real trouble doing this, so if anyone can please help that would be cool before I give up and do the whole CDROM in flash!!! :(

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          Level 7
          Transparency is a function of direct to stage property of the cast
          member and the ink property of the sprite. Once you have imported the
          Flash .swf, select the cast member, open the property inspector window
          and select the member tab. Make sure that direct to stage is unselected.

          Drag an instance of the Flash member to the stage. Select it on the
          stage. At the property inspector window select the sprite tab. Set the
          ink to be background transparent.

          Deselecting direct to stage can impact the playback performance of your
          Flash .swf. With DTS turned off, performance suffers.

          To have one Flash .swf import other .swf files you need to link, rather
          than fully import the first .swf. There is an option at the bottom of
          the import window. This is usually set to Standard Import. Select Link
          to External File. Be sure to carry all of your Flash files over to the
          CD in the same relative location to the Director movie as they were
          during authoring.

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert