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    Creative Suite Licensing: Downgrade Photoshop Version


      We currently have a number of users that are licensed for and running Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design Standard on the Mac. As you know, one of the applications that is included as part of that suite is Photoshop CS6. I am told by our designers that there are certain changes specific to Photoshop with version CS6 that simply do not work for them and they need to run Photoshop CS5. My question is does Adobe allow the downgrading of only that one application, Photoshop to version CS5 if the rest of the suite is at CS6? I am assuming we would not need to purchase an additional Photoshop license under that scenario, but I know Adobe can be funny with their licensing rules.



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          rkj77 Level 1

          I spoke to our Adobe Licensing Rep and found out that Adobe only allows the downgrading of the entire Creative Suite, not just a single application within it such as Photoshop. The only way to run Creative Suite 6.0 and Photoshop 5.0 would be to purchase a separate Photoshop license in addition to the Creative Suite license we already own. Just an FYI in case anyone was interested in the answer.

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            Yes, that's true and it's also only possible for Volume licensing customers of the older traditional products... not for individual purchasers.


            Fortunately now with Creative Cloud, Adobe is maintaining an archive of previous versions available for download and use...  The collection right now includes both CS6 and the 2013 CC releases.


            These older versions are available to all members at any time, including CC for Individuals and Creative Cloud for Teams.



            PS - Have no idea why your designer would prefer PS CS5 over CS6 though!  CS6 (and CC) are much nicer to use IMO.