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    CQ and J2EE application integration


      There is a JSP-servlets J2EE application(ecommerce web site) which is deployed on tomcat. Now My requirement is to integrate this J2EE application with Day CQ to display contents related static pages.

      With hybrid approach, where we maintain all the content related stuffs in CQ and dynamic pages(ecommerce like checkout) in J2EE container, I have following challenges -

      1. How could we use the apache server to go back and forth between CQ and J2EE container using redirection. Apache would be the front container for all the request and depending on the rewrite rules it would forward the request to either CQ or J2EE container ? Any example of this would be helpful.
      2. Since CQ does not provide OOTB session feature, how should I do the session management across CQ and J2EE container. I mean when I go back and forth between CQ and J2EE container.