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    Adobe Acrobat XI (part of CS6 install) stops working


      Recently, after a fresh install of Adobe CS (illustrator 64b, photoshop 64b & adobe acrobat XI Pro) on a freshly imaged windows 64bit system, Adobe Photo shopped stopped working.


      After reinstalling the above 3 components, photoshop still doesn't open and now the "Text Tool" application has stopped functioning.


      Is this indicative of this product?


      Thank you for your assistance

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You're really not telling us anything here. What are the exact system specs? What isn't working? Your post is confusing to say the least. I have no clue what you mean by "Text Tool" for instance...



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            LenB2013 Level 1

            I understand Mylenium, here is some more informaiton


            Hardware is Dell e6530 Latitude with i7 processor, 16GB of memory running Windows 7 64bit OS.


            SKU for software installed = Design and Web Prem CS6 6.0 MLP

            Software is Adobe Design and Web Premium CS 6.0

            Specific applications installed: Illustrator 64Bit, Photoshop 64Bit and Adobe Acrobat Professional.


            We were able to use all three applications above with no issues. 

            One of the features we rely on is the "Text Tool" component in Adobe Illustrator.


            Last week for no explainable reason (There were no event codes in any event log - system, application, etc) Adobe Acrobat Professional stopped working (i.e. would not open any pdf documents)


            After we re-installed Adobe CS 6.0 (Above applications were chosen) we were unable to open Adobe Acrobat Professional and now the "Text Tool" component in Adobe Illustrator will not work. When it's selected, there is nothing displayed on the Illustrator document to indicate text entry.


            I hope this is enough information for someone to provide guidance.




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              Shari SVCDC

              And the question still goes unanswered when more detail has been given.  That is sad.  Hopefully Len has found an answer rather than the normal uninstall/reinstall every time Acrobat malfunctions.

              I understood as I have a similar situation, so it is obviously a problem that should have an answer on someone's cheat sheet somewhere......guess I will have to look elsewhere for support.

              Have a nice day -

              Shari :^)