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    Autonumber bug in headings following a procedure


      Hoping someone has an answer to this...


      I'm on Frame 11 ( on Windows 7.


      I'm running into a strange issue with headings that are autonumbered. Everything works as expected... until I include a proccedure that has autonumbered steps and sub-steps. The heading immediately following the procedure renumbers from the beginning. The image below shows an example. There are three headings, which are numbered correctly. Then I inserted a subheading with a procedure and the heading below it has incorrect numbering. This only happens in headings that follow a procedure.


      The autonumbers for the paragraphs are:


      Heading1: <$chapnum>.<n+>

      Heading2: <$chapnum>.<n>.<n+>

      Numbered: S:<n+>/\t

      NumberedCont1 (sub-step): <a=1>.\t


      Is there something incorrectly set up in the autonumber format or is this a bug?