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    Transfer settings from CS6 to CC

    KaelaisB Newcomer

      Hey everyone,

      Just wondering if there was an easy way to transfer all my effects, settings and plugins from CS6 to CC. I have an 27in iMac (just to give you an idea of what my operating system is).


      I want to transfer all my settins from CS6 to CC but cant see an easy way to do it. I have loads of stuff that I need to transfer over including all the Red Giant plugins and don't want to spend the million hours thats going to take. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

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          Rick Gerard Mythic

          Check your Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/Media core directories for 3Rd party plug-ins. Copy them from CS6 to CC or create an alias.


          Plug-in's done.


          Check your Documents/Adobe/After Effects CS6 folder. Copy the contents to CC or create an alias. Pre-sets done.


          If you can't see the root Library file in Finder try using the Go To Folder link from the Go menu in finder and enter /Library


          That should do it for most things.

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            Todd_Kopriva Legend

            Rick's suggestion regarding an alias is what I use for plug-ins, animation presets, and scripts.


            Preferences don't transfer from one version to the next (though we're working on that).