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    Grep help


      Hello all,


      New to GREP here and I could use some help figuring how to implement a GREP Code within my paragraph style.


      I have a footer that is right aligned for right hand pages. The text is seperated by an en space at the end of a word (sometimes the begininng), followed by a pipeline (vertical bar). (see example below)


      I'd like the last 3 words to have the character style "black" applied to it (there will always be 2 words followed by a letter).


      I was able to get the left one ok, but am unable to replicate it since the "black" I want is now on the far right hand side.


      Here's an example of the right hand footer (the bold (or black) at the end is what I'm trying to accomplish)


      <word word word> <en space> |<en space> <word word><en space> | <en space> <word> <en space>  | <en space> Schedule:<space> Name<space>A


      Thanks for any help!