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    Exporting a single video from a PRIVATE folder at highest settings?

    media kat Level 1

      I have a PRIVATE folder given to me containing lots of 1920x1080 29.97 videos shot with a Canon AVCHD camera (model unknown). I imported a single file into CS6 and want to export that file into the highest quality uncompressed format so I can come back to it later and import just that file into PP and delete the rest of the PRIVATE folder.


      1. Is Match Sequence Settings or setting my file as a h.264 better for this purpose? OR should I consider something else?

      2. If h.264,my sequence settings under Editing Mode: indicate AVC-Intra 100 1080i 60Hz. Does this mean it is definitely be 1080i?

      3. Should I export as HD 1080i 29.97 or HD 1080i (1.33 PAR)?


      Thanks in advance!