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    Time code is 00:00:00;00 on all imported XDCAM EX clips

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      I shoot with a Sony EX-3.  I use Sony Clip Browser 2.00.01 to offload the camera media from SxS cards to RAID 1 storage.  When I import the BPAV folders from the storage drives into Premiere Pro CC, all of the clips appear in the project window with timecode of 00:00:00;00 instead of the original camera recorded timecode.  The correct camera timecode appears in .mov files when I use XDCAM transfer (which I had to do in my FCP days) and Premier displays the correct timecode when I import those .mov files.  I use Proxymill to make screeners directly from the BPAV files for writers and clients on the project and the original timecode appears without problem.  But I can't use their timcode notes because they are woking with original timecode on the proxies while Premiere shows 00:00:00;00 for every clip. I've set the Preferences > Media > Timecode to "Use Media Source".  Since Premiere works with natively with XDCAM EX files I'm trying to avoid  the extra step of transfering all of the camera media to .mov files and then having to store both as I did in my FCP days.  Sure would like to streamline the workflow.  Am I doing something wrong?