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    Dynamice External Actionscript

      Is it possible to have external actionscript that can be edited and saved simply due to actions in the swf it is a part of?

      For instance, have a website that users must log in to with the ability to "remember" them. So that after they've logged in on thier computer and chose to "remember" that, they won't have to log in anymore whenever they go to the site from that IP address.

      I guess I'm trying to find a way for users to save settings about thier profile on a swf that is saved in the external or internal actionScript so that it is remembered whenever they return. What I'm shooting for is similar to .php I think, is something like that possible? Thanks.
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          NSurveyor Level 2
          You can use SharedObjects to save data locally. Something like:

          To save (contents of three textfields)
          mySO = SharedObject.getLocal("appData");
          mySO.data.username = user_txt.text;
          mySO.data.password = pass_txt.text;
          mySO.data.favColor = favcol_txt.text;

          To retrieve (place back in the fields)

          mySO = SharedObject.getLocal("appData");
          user_txt.text = mySO.data.username.
          pass_txt.text = mySO.data.password;
          favcol_txt.text = mySO.data.favColor;
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            nexposure Level 1
            I'll have to test this when I get time to see if I'm doing it correctly, thanks though because it will most likely work just fine.