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    How to us indesign to convert my Dad s e book for amazon


      My father is an 82 year old that has been writing all of my life and as long as anyone can remember. 


      He expressed a desire to write a book when he was dealing with some health issues a few years back..


      The whole process brought him back and now he is wanted to publish what he calles his last gasp (an ebook)


      He is set up for amazon and at this point I have everything in 1 file he has formated using 2007 Microsoft word.  and he also converted it to a PDF using Acrobat version 1.5 6.x  


      Can I use Indesign to set this book up for Amazon.  Is that the best path and programs


      I m just looking for the best process that wont create too much change to his stuff


      Please and thanks so much