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    Windows 7 PrProj Files Associated with CS6 and not CC


      I have the CC installed on my workstation.  Since, for some reason, CC doesn't include Encore, I was advised to install Premiere Pro CS6 to get Encore installed.  So I did.


      All is well, except now when I double-click on a *.prproj file, Windows wants to open CS6 and NOT Premiere Pro CC.  Since my *.prproj files are created with CC, CS6, of course, won't open them.


      I tried to change the file association for the *.prproj file type, but for some reason, Premiere Pro CC isn't an option, and when I manually browse and choose CC, Windows still reverts back to CS6 to open *.prproj files.


      What's up with this?  I can open my *.prproj files if I launch Premiere Pro CC and THEN open the file, but I think I should be able to just double-click on the file in Explorer.


      Can I uninstall Premiere Pro CS6 and KEEP Encore?  Is there another way to change file assications in Windows?