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    First line bold

    Tim Hurst

      I am very, VERY new to InDesign. I have many pages of text and need the first line of each paragraph, up to the first return, to be made bold. Can I find and/or write a script to do that? Again, I'm just really learning to open the program. I'm using a Macintosh running OS 10.6.8 and InDesign 6. THANKS!

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          Peter Kahrel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You don't need a script: you can do this with a so-called nested style. Do this:


          1. Create a character style, call it 'bold' (without the quotes), and set its font style to bold.

          2. Modify the paragraph style you use for the text: go to the Paragraph Style Options window, then select 'Drop Caps and Nested Styles'.

          3. In the 'Nested Line Styles' pane at the bottom of the window, click 'New Line Style'. Select your character style 'bold' and set the number of lines it needs to be applied (which defaults to 1, which you want).



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            Tim Hurst Level 1

            Thanks. As I said, we have just started trying to use InDesign. We have it on several of our machines but have never used it. I was able to sort of get this to work in Id 5.5 but we tried for over an hour in Id 6 and never did get it to work.


            Thanks for trying. I'm sure we are just missing a step someplace that anyone with any knowledge of the program would know to do and you assumed we would know.