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    Font licensing for Air apps for iOS and Android

    Spanky2k Level 1

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to shift into the app design world after leaving academia and I'm currently working on a couple of 'portfolio' apps for some friends of mine. One thing I'm completely confused upon is Font Licensing and I'm really hoping someone can clear this up for me. From what I've seen on the net, it seems that a lot of people just use fonts and don't bother with any licensing. I've always thought that if the font is there to choose from in Flash/Photoshop etc then you can use it for whatever you want without concern - but I've never released anything to the 'public'. This doesn't seem to be the case though and from what I've seen, Font sellers expect thousands per year to use their fonts. Do all of those developers of free or low cost apps on the app store really pay tens of thousands of dollars each year for font licenses? How can they afford to?


      I just want to use some nice looking fonts for some things and as a newbie to the app development world, I can't afford to pay crazy amounts for fonts. How should I limit my font choice and how do I know which fonts I can use? Also, I got an email recently about 'Adobe Typekit' soon being included in my Adobe CC subscription with access to thousands of fonts. What does this mean? There are loads of fonts on the Typekit website, does my CC subscription mean I can use any of those fonts to my heart's content or is it just some syncing thing?


      I'd really appreciate some info on this as I'm completely confused and any discussions I've found about font licenses seem to be by people who either don't give a crap and use whatever fonts they find without paying a dime or people that have been using paid fonts for decades and 'just know' how everything works and so don't talk about it.