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    Adobe Reader XI Update failed.  How to fix?


      When my windows 7 64 bit computer was updated to adobe reader XI, the update function began to continually fail.  I am getting the following "Adobe Reader Updater" message:


      "Update Failed  An error occured.  Please check for updates again later.  Error: 111500"


      This message annoyingly pops up when adobe attempts to check for updates automatically.  I also get this message anytime I manually check for updates.  I have tried to "check for updates later" a million times with no luck.  I have also uninstalled and reinstalled Reader a million times.  I have also uninstalled, utilized the adobe reader removal tool for removal of older versions, and reinstalled a million times.  I have also tried reinstalling the older versions.  Still, whether i am using version XI or an older version of Reader, I always get the above message when I request an update.  Please Help!