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    Unsure about out of line pages - update

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      Hi everyone - thanks Peter for sorting out the lack of a gap at the bottom of certain pages. Attached is a screenshot showing - as far as I know the settings show the layer isn't locked. The lower blue line in the page on the right will not move. Is this something to do with the left hand page? The lower blue line on the right hand page is on the same line as the pink line on the left hand page. Is this anything to do with it?

      Capture update.JPG

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          this would be a lot easier if you just replied to the previous thread instead of starting a new topic each time. We don't have the ability to merge threads...


          Your new screen shot shows the layer is not locked, but individual objects can be locked as well. IN this screen shot you can see the lock symbol next to the text frame in the expanded layers panel:


          layers locked object.png


          That said, in the new screen cap it looks like there are actually two frames, either overlapping or one pasted into the other. Thry pressing the Ctrl key and click again to move down through the stack and see if the inner frame can be selected.