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    How I met your mother Intro Effect




      I used this forum last time for asking help in a tutorial and it was extraordinary help.

      This time I would like to ask you if you can help me, in a easy way of explaining, how to make a video like the HIMYM intro:





      Thank you!

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          This can be done with a series of photographs with the people masked out. You apply color effects or color overlays to the images, arrange them in 3D space, and then animate a camera move through the maze of photographs. The color effects could be achieved using different blend modes and a color gradient over each photo combined with levels and saturation effects to give the photos that old faded photo look. It would probably be easier to do the color effects in Photoshop first. The flash between frames could be accomplished with a solid colored layer with the blend mode set to add and animated opacity.


          To figure something like this out try and look at one element at a time. Try a few things to achieve that effect on a single layer. When you have the look you like, start animating.


          If all of that was Greek and you're thoroughly confused search AE help for Animating Cameras, Blend Modes, Masking, Working in 3D space, and color balance.


          These suggestions should get you started.