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    Audio error when using Narration in Premiere Elements 9


      I am trying to help someone using Premiere Elements 9 (v. 9.0.1, up to date).  The details of the computer are:


      Dell N5010 laptop, 64 bit, Win 7 Home Premium SP 1, Intel i5 2.67 Ghz processor, 6 GB RAM.


      The user has created a video from both a Sony camcorder and jpgs from a DSLR.  No problems with the video.


      The problem is adding narration.  The audio input is from a USB headset/mic.  The Premier Narration window is used:


      Window/Narration/Record Voices.


      Every time the narration gets to approximately 6 minutes, an error occurs:


      \src\audiorender\audioprefetch.cpp-87 or



      A search of this forum and a Google search has not identified anything that I can identify as relevant.


      Can anyone help?