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    Problem with Edit Original in PPro CC


      Here's what used to happen in CS6:



      1. Load clips on to Timeline

      2. Select (one or more) Clip(s), Right-Click > Replace with After Effects Comp...

      3. AE Loads a creates a comp with clip(s)in


      After Effect

      4. Do your effects/edits

      5. Render as a MOV file with "Include Project Link" Ticked

      6. [Optional] Save and close AE



      7. Swap out AE comp on timeline with the newly rendered .MOV file

      8. Right-Click MOV file in timline and select "Edit Original"

      9. AE Opens and loads the Linked Comp...


      Everything works up until step 8, where as now just the MOV file loads in WMP instead of opening the AE project.


      Of course if you keep the linked AE comp (Step 7) that still works. But, I don't want to render these in PP everytime.
      Having the pre-rendered MOV files is faster!


      ... A BUG Maybe? If so, Please fix asap - It was HUGE time saver!