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    DVD +Copyright/copy protection


      I am a sports videographer. I use Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 to edit and burn game dvds for my customers. My customers are telling me that they are unable to take clips off my dvds to create highlight dvds or video files to send to college coaches on the internet because my dvds are somehow "copyright protected" or copymaking proof signal embedded or whatever the technical term is for what is keeping them from achieving their project. I am not wittingly clicking on any feature to make this happen on purpose. I tried to find the problem and solution in the manual but could not find anything. I hope I am describing my dilemma correctly. Is there a way to disengage this feature so that my customers can do anything they want with the footage on the dvds I make for them?  Thank you for your help.


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          I do not recall any such feature for Premiere Elements 2 that would result in the DVD-VIDEO on DVD produced from it being given a "protected label".


          Is there any chance that your camera is tagging your source media as such?


          Or, have you always been using this same camera, producing this same type of footage, editing it in Premiere Elements, and presenting your customers its DVD-VIDEO on DVD. In other words, it this an issue that "worked before but now" or "never worked at all"?


          Are these new customers with this complaint? If so, have you instructed them about messages that they might get when they receive files from another computer? If that is the issue here, then it is your clients that need to correct the situation on their side, giving permission for their computers to unblock.


          I will look at this on my Premiere Elements 2 and see if I run across anything else involved here.






          Add On

          The following is the bottom of the Properties/General for a video that was sent to me from another computer. Is this the type of thing that your customer is running into?


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            As ATR states, PrE cannot create a DVD-Video with Copy Protection. No burned DVD-Video can have Copy Protection, as such, but only replicated DVD's, and PrE is not capable of producing such material, even if one is going to a replication house. That is not the issue here.


            Now, are you providing the clients with DVD-Video (with the VIDEO_TS folder structure, to be played on a computer with DVD software, or from a set-top DVD player hooked to a TV), or are you providing DVD-Data discs, where you are just Copying the AV files to a DVD disc, for distribution? The discs would look the same, but have different folder structures burned onto them.


            How are your clients trying to extract the files? With a DVD-Video, the media files will be in a VOB container, and those might need to be ripped from the DVD-Video, to be used. PrE can do that ripping, providing that the DVD-Video is 100% DVD-compatible. The VOB's created by PrE should be 100% DVD-compatible. Not all NLE (Non Linear Editor) programs CAN Import and work with VOB's. In those cases, other software is needed to rip the MPEG-2 DVD AV files from the VOB containers, to Import and edit those. This might mean an additional step for the clients, but that will depend on the software that they have access to, and might differ, client to client.


            As a test, though limited to PrE, I would take one of your DVD's, Copy the VIDEO_TS folder to an internal HDD, then Open a New Project in PrE (NTSC, or PAL DV would be the desired Project Preset, and either Standard 4:3, or Widescreen 16:9, depending on which you shot), and then Import the VOB's into that Project. Do you get any errors? Remember, that will ONLY tell you, if you have created the VOB's, such that PrE can Import those. Depending on the clients' software, they might, or might not be able to use the VOB's directly.


            Good luck, and sorry to add more questions to ATR's, but the answers to all, might tell the story.