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    How to seperate precompose


      Hi everyone,

      so im new to after effects and currently im working on titles to the animation series.


      I made some precompose boards with titles like directing, lights, etc. and nest it in every episode. But now i have to work on timing on each episode and when i change board timing in one episode its changing in every one. I know i was stupid to made it precompose in the first place.


      So now i know i can copy and paste every precompose but this is a lot of work, so i wonder is there a solution to seperate each compose from each other without deleting, copying and pasting.


      thanks for all answers in advance

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can duplicate your pre-comps in the Project panel and then replace the master pre-comp in each episode with a pre-comp duplicate.


          There is a script out there to un-precompose that you can search for. I don't have it handy to give you.


          A screenshot of your project with a flow chart would help us point you to the most efficient way to solve your problem. You've given us very little to go on.


          One caution. If you are creating rolling credits or titles then it's very important that you make sure that the speed of the roll does not judder or strobe when played back. This is the most common problem that folks new to AE make when creating titles.

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            BGPictures Level 1

            If you have very deep compositions (precomps inside of precomps), use a script like this:


            to make a version of the top composition with unique versions of all of the precomps that feed it.


            The main goal is to make sure that once you have done the design work on your generic title, that you are working with a copy of it and any precomps inside of it (or inside of the precomps that are inside of them) when you start customizing the generic to make each unique title.