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    Unable to uninstall or reinstall Creative cloud.Pls Help!

    Jocelyn Li



      My name is Jocelyn. I want to try the new After Effect on my mac, so I download it, and the creative cloud is downloaded to my mac. I didn't realise how many other little files and apps has come with the download. Today when I tried to clean my mac, I delected some of the apps that I dont know and a lot of those were adobe cloud stuff. The next thing I know is I wont be able to open the after effect trial cuz the creative cloud is missing some files. I tried to restore the files I delete from the trash, but they never work the same.


      I tried to reinstall the creative cloud again, it said install failed. I tried to unstall the previous creative cloud, it said errors.


      so now I am stuck with the creative cloud that is imcomplete on my mac and I won't be able to do anything with it.


      Case like this, how can I completely remove the imcomplete creative cloud and reinstall a new one? All I need to try to use after effect, it is urgent, the creative cloud download is really complicated and confusion to me, can adobe please help me?