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    No Video Preview When Capturing DV Video.


      I have looked through the forums, scoured the internet, and even worked with Adobe technical support to no avail. I am using a Canon ZR80 to transfer some of my older home movies from DV tapes to my PC. Adobe Premiere Pro captures audio and video just fine, but I can not watch the video as it captures. This is NOT HD video so PP should let me preview it. Here's my system:


      Windows 8 x64

      Intel i7-3930K 6 core processor @3.20 GHz

      32GB RAM

      Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 ti

      Directx 11


      I have tried using legacy FireWire drivers as many have suggested with no effect. I have tried it on PP 5.5, 6.0 and CC all do the same thing. I have tried 6 different video card drivers. I even did a clean install of Windows 8. I have dual monitors and read somewhere to remove one, tried that no help. Worked with Adobe support for 2 days till we got to the point that he said I "should just get a refund".


      I really don't want to give up on pp for such a minor issue, but I also don't want to keep paying $23 a month for software that is not 100%.


      If ANYBODY has ANY ideas, I would greatly appreciate it!