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    proper work flow for strings from external files


      Hi all,

      I have a text doc that I would like to pull strings from.

      I got a simple code now to pull words at random and know when the end of the list is reached..


      Now I want to know how you would do it if you wanted the data in pairs like a Q and A.

      Here is what my text file looks like



      The cat sat on the mat.


      The dog fell off a log.


      The bat is very fat.


      So now I want the code to be able to go (at random) to the Q (e.g. dog) and then go to the A (The dog fell off the log) on the next mouse click.


      I am using the array.length and then splicing the anwer already picked, so my array is constantly getting shorter (length==0 is how it knows the end is here)


      Should I be using two lists?  One for Questions and one for answers?

      Thanks for any and all help!

      Cheers and have a great day