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    Transcoding Avchd files to other 1920x1080p format?


      I've been reading that Premiere is having trouble with Avchd files so I want to convert these files into something usable but high quality.


      1.  I tried using the DnxHQ codec.  I first downloaded and installed from Avid.  After much searching I found the codec choice Media Encoder and created a new preset for it by first choosing Qucktime, then the other pulldown menus.  However, I found that an output cannot be chosen for 1920x1080p.  I don't understand.  I know it is supposed to be compressed but I thought it would have same dimensions.  I want to edit in 1080p. 


      2. Then I opened Prelude and ingested my Avchd files hoping to convert them to something usable.  But there is no way to choose the DnXHQ codec from Prelude even though DnXHQ is available in Media Encoder.  So  I chose .dpx as on output because it was the ony choice that was 1920 x 1080p.  Huge mistake - it was creating a large folder of .dpx files which I know not what to do with.


      How can i get DnXHQ files to output at 1920x1080? Or am I missing the point?


      Is there a codec for transcoding Avchd to Prores files? 

      What is my best option for converting Avchd into something usable in Premiere?