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    Failed to build specified target




      I am using robohelp 8 CLI.

      I am getting the following output:

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Adobe (R) RoboHelp Project Command Line Compiler version

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Copyright (C) 2006-2007, Adobe Systems Incorporated and its licensors. All rights reserved.

      [10:33:10]: [exec]

      [10:33:10]: [exec]

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Project: D:\XXX.xpj

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Layout: WebHelp for eclipse (en).

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Output: \\XXX\html\index.htm.

      [10:33:10]: [exec]

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Scanning project for compilation....

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Scanning finished.

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Warning: No baggage file description.

      [10:33:10]: [exec] Unexpected Error: Failed to build specified target.

      [10:33:10]: copy-html-help:


      What's wrong with my project?