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    Premiere Pro 5.5 Multicam Sequence Not Playing


      So I'm running into an snag with a project I am working on in Premiere.  Everything was working fine last night, I just finished up color correction and audio sweetening.  However this afternoon when I opened up the project, everything appeared fine (media loaded, no weird error messages), until I tried playing the timeline (edited multicam sequence).  Nothing, then when i tried moving the playhead to a different spot in the timeline, it would take about 20sec before the new location would show in the program monitor.  I tried playing it and still nothing.  I tried opening a clip from my project bin in the referrence monitor and it won't play there either.  Nothing happens when I try scrubbing through the video.


      I have tried importing only a single sequence into a new project and same issue.. but if I open up a whole different project the video clips play fine.  I have also tried creating a new project and importing individual clips that are used in my original project and they play fine there, but the moment I tried importing one of my edited sequences, everything stops playing.  The one thing I did discover is if I import one of the original sequences were I synced my my multicam clips, the video plays fine, so it seems like it has something to do with my edited multicam sequences.


      Any ideas as to why the edited multicam sequences would not be playing?


      Thanks for any advice!