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    Windows 7 & 8 Snipping Tool

    Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

      I have been reading up on Windows 8, because I ordered the laptop I have been talking about, and discovered a feature that was already in Windows 7, and which might be useful to some of the regulars here.  'The Snipping tool. 




      We are forever uploading screen grabs of Photoshop panels etc. and this tool would save you having to grab the entire monitor with Alt Prt Scr, or entire workspace with Ctrl Prt Scr.  Unfortunately any savings you'd get from not having to crop down to the panel you want, are negated by having to call it up from the Start button, unless you clipped its launch icon to the task bar.   You can only highlight an area freehand, and I suspect most of us are too anal for such an inelegant method, and would prefer to stroke a selection in Photoshop.


      Anyway, I had no idea the tool was there in Windows 7, so I thought I’d share.

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          gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Dennis, I did give it a try. Handy for just defining the part of the screen you want. I'm using a trackpad,so while I could get away with the highlight tool, the pen tool would just look sloppy. Too bad yellow is the only highlight color,but as it goes with Microsoft's stock accessories,you get the very basics.


          You have given me the idea to search for a better third party alternative,one that allows annotations without having to open in Photoshop.


          Here's an open source one for Windows, Greenshot http://getgreenshot.org/




          Edit: I'm so impressed with what I could do for just a few minutes after install,I sent in a donation, and encourage others to do so if they can.


          2013-07-28 14_44_16-Settings.png

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            Gene, that looks interesting.  The likely usage is always going to be to grab a Photoshop panel or part of a Photoshop screen, so if you have Photoshop open, it negates the time savings of using a third party app.  I will give Greenshot a try though thanks.  To be really useful, it needs to work as a background process that can be called with a couple of keystrokes.

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              gener7 Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you start it up with Windows, it runs in the background and it will indeed marquee select a region in Photoshop (or anywhere else as soon as you press the PrntScr key.) The editor will at allow annotation and highlights on the fly a lot easier from say, marquee tool/edit > stroke to make the same red outline in Photoshop and w/o tying up Photoshop for the edits.


              I'll know more as time goes on,but it looks to be a great screenshot utility.