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    resizing a photo movieclip

      I have a file with one frame:
      I have a set of simple, identical buttons. Each button tells an empty movieclip to load a picture. The movieclip will scale the picture appropriately and stay under a specified width and height, and it will reposition appropriately.
      I would like to put all the script on one frame.

      I have bits of jumbled script that is supposed to do all these individual things, but it won't work all together. I know how to load a picture using loadMovie, but the movieclip isn't retaining the size or position i told it to.
      I don't know too much about actionscript, so any help would be apprecitated. Thanks.
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          blemmo Level 1
          The problem with setting the size is that you have to do it *after* the loading. Before, there's just an empty MC, and it's size will always be 0, because it's empty. Plus, the loaded content will set it to a new size. So the best way is to use the MovieClipLoader class, which provides events that fire when the loading finished. Create an instance of MovieClipLoader, and let your buttons call the loadClip() method (not exactly sure if that's the right name, see the Help).
          Then define the onLoadInit event and place the resize code in that. onLoadInit happens when the content is completely loaded and initialized (if it is an MC with code in frame 1), and the right place to change the properties. See the Help files for onLoadInit, there should be an example. If you load the pictures this way, you can easily resize when the loading finishs.