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    Buttons to control x and y position of a symbol?


      Hi all...


      I am struggling with what I am sure must be fairly simple - trying to move a symbol around based on it's x and y coordinates, without using keyframes to actually animate any movement.


      I have managed to do this in flash in the past, but am at a loss at to how to do this in edge animate. I am not a coder, obviously!


      Basically what I want to do is have a largish map image inside a symbol, most of which is off stage, with right,left, up and down buttons that slide the map in and out as you mouseover them, thus allowing the user to navigate east, west, north and south, if you see what I mean.


      The buttons would move the map symbol around in increments of perhaps 10 or 20 pixels at a time, but it would freeze where it was when you moused out of the button, and begin moving again when you mouseover.


      I can't seem to find anything comprehensible anywhere that covers this exact thing, so apologies if I am covering old ground.


      Of course it would be important to fix limits to how far the map symbol could be pushed so that you could only see as far as the edges of the map, and not beyond the limits of the map.


      hope that makes some sort of sense!


      many thanks