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    After editing in PS I've lost my original in LR4?

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      I was under the impression that editing in PS from LR4 meant my original in LR4 was safe (ie: that after editing in PS, both the PS editied photo and the LR4 original would be side by side when LR4 was opened up)


      However, my first foray into PS was earlier today, when I double-processed an image as instructed by Scott Kelby's book (the Adobe Photoshop CS6 book - page 52). The book covers PS (not Lightroom) and camera raw, but I thought that anything edited in PS and/or camera raw would leave my original untouched. Following Scott Kelby's instructions, I did some editing in LR4, then opened in PS as a smart object, then opened a 'New Smart Object via Copy' which I did further edits on, but this time in Camera Raw.


      I now had 2 versions of the photo in PS. I then did a layer mask for the foreground object, and darkened the background of the sky etc behind it, so a sort of HDR with the 2 photos. I then followed his instructions to 'Flatten Image', and then to do a levels adjustment to brighten image.


      Still following the instructions, to make the image more vibrant, I went to Mode, Lab Color, Apply Image. I chose the 'a' chanel, blending mode, then switched back to RGB Color


      It didn't actually say to save file, but I just did a 'File Save in PS. The only photo in LR4 was now the PS edited one. I went to before/after comparison, but just had the finished photo with Lab Color adjustments as after photo, and before photo was the combined 2 photos after editing / layer masking, but no sign of my original.


      I have been reading that you should 'copy' the original in PS, but have also read that this is not necessary if you have Lightroom, So I'm confused by this. This was the first time the book touched on photoshop, so I'm surprised there was no mentioned about saving the file. I'd appreciate guidance, as I now have about 4 photoshop books, and they all talk of camera raw workflow only


      Thanks, Roy

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          That sounds like a question for the Lightroom forum.Not every Photoshop user runs Lightroom too, not by a long shot.


          Lightroom has a totally separate forum,  You can find it in the forums index page.  I detest Lightroom ever since I tested it when it first came out, so I don't have the link to their forum handy for you, as I have no reason to ever visit there.