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    photoshop cs6 animation/timeline help

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      I am trying to learn how to do a small animation. I have Timeline window open at bottom of screen but do not understand how to get images into the space. Everything is grayed out. I have read the Adobe tutorial but nothing really says how to place keyframes into the timeline space. I watched a YouTube video but it started with there already being an image there and then they showed how to copy and change it so an animation could be achieved.

      Could someone tell me the first steps, from the beginning, to get things set up right and have something to adjust and set times to ,etc.

      I have spent awhile now playing with it and decided to ask for help.

      Thank you!

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Each object must be on its own layer.

          For this example lets create a shape pick any of the shapes in the tool bar, just make sure you are using shapes which is found in the top tool bar.

          • Click the create video time line in the animation panel, this should create a timeline for each layer.
          • Before each layer in the timeline panel is an arrow, click on it to twirl it down.
          • Lets use position for an example. Location the word Vector Mask Position for that object and click on the stopwatch
          • Move the timeline head along the timeline to a new time (any new time will be fine for this example, just make sure its more than 15 frames just so its slow enough to see moving. {This will also depend on the distants traveled in the next step})
          • With the move tool selected (lowercase v - keyboard shortcut)  Drag the shape elsewhere on the document. This will create the end keyframe.
          • Just below the frames in the animation panel is a slider at the beginning and the end of the entire animation. Dragging the little gray box at either end adjusts the start and end work area. Drag the end work area box towards to the end keyframe. This will stop the animation when the shape stops moving. You will see it snap at that keyframe.
          • Hit the space bar to play your animation. If done correctly you will see your shape move across the document.


          Your animation panel should look similar to the attachment. Don't worry about getting the same end timeframe as mine, as it is only an example.



          animation panel.png

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            bchrd Level 1


            Thank you for the reply. I have been trying things and just having no luck. I wanted to keep trying before replying so as not to waste your time but here I am again.


            If I have a thumbnail in timeline or animation frames and click to duplicate, when I go to alter the duplicate, lets say change a color of part of the image, it changed that one and the unselected one before it that I duplicated from. I don't know how to make changes to the next frame be unique to that frame. Somehow on one try I got to see the first slide have a blue box as part of it and then the next frame a green one. I clicked on sequence, added 15 frames and said from previous frame. The sequence was all exactly the same as the first slide until the last frame it showed the green I had...no transition from blue to green.

            That is what I am trying to accomplish. I have to show a client an animation that shows a pylon with LED lights that slowly changes from yellow to green to blue to red, etc. Same structure but just that element in the image needs to change. Whatever I am doing is totally wrong. I have read many tutorials and it just isn't happening. I am wondering if there is some hidden box checked that says Keep the Same or something!

            Don't know if you can help but maybe you have another thought. Thanks again for taking the time.