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    "file format" when capturing video from HDV and SD camcorders


      I am trying to determine whether Premier Elements will capture the video and audio from an HDV camcorder into one file or break the video and audio into separate files.  I had been using Pinnacle Studio however when I upgraded to Studio 16 I found that it now breaks the audio and video into separate files.  This creates a problem b/c clicking on the video file opens up Windows Media Player but it doesn't cotain audio.  (Prior version of Studio captured both into one file (at least for standard def video)...easier for archiving as well as playback.)


      Any help/advice on this topic would be very helpful.  My overall goals are to:


      1.  archive SD and HD footage from tow camcorders and

      2.  burn blue-ray disc for the HD footage (DVDs already burned for SD footage).


      Thank you in advance for assitance/guidance.