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    Transfering 8mm to dvd need advice on converter/connector


      Hay, found my old Sony Handycam Video 8 in the closet and after 10 years I can still see the videos!  I have lost all the color (now B&W) so I wanted to get these transfered to Priermere Elements but am stuck on how to do this.  From what I can figure out I must have an analog system, uses the 8mm cassets, has one vedio out port (male) and one video out port (male) these are supose to fit into to female inputs on the TV for viewing.  There is no S wire and I do not have a firewire on this computer just USB 2 and 3 ports.  I can see where guess I need a analog to digital converter that will plug into my USB port.  I am using Windows 7, 64 bit and have plenty of hard drive space 2T.  I have looked at some products on line Pinnicale makes some good stuff but I really do not want to download all there stuff just to do this process.  I prefer to uses Adobe Premiere Elements and feel this will do the job once I can get the download on my hard drive or add the media into Elements.  I need some sugestions on what to buy for a converter and if my thinking is correct or am I missing something?


      Thank you