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    Transferring saved workspaces, brushes, scripts, etc. from CS6 to CC on a PC using Windows 7

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      This is what I came up with...


      Transfer saved workspaces, brushes, scripts, etc. from CS6 (Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop) to CC on a PC using Windows 7.


      Go to start menu < computer < (OS) C: drive < documents and settings* < user (your user name) < application data** < adobe < adobe illustrator (or adobe photoshop)***


      *To see the ‘documents and settings’ folder, I had to go to start menu < control panel < folder options –  select view tab – uncheck hide protected operating system files (recommended). The computer will prompt you to go ahead, say ‘yes’ then hit apply.


      ** There is another folder above ‘application data’ named ‘appdata’, this is not the correct folder.


      * & ** I could not access these folders no matter what user settings I selected or logged in as administrator. I did an internet search and found the following successful:


      If the the folder denies you access to share… right click on the folder < select properties < select the ‘security’ tab < click the ‘edit’ button < select any and all users named ‘everyone’ < select ‘remove’


      After I removed the ‘everyone’ users, I was able to successfully share the folder to my user and access.


      *** I did not have an ‘adobe indesign’ folder, scrolling down the list it was labeled just as ‘indesign’. So was ‘bridge’, ‘dreamweaver’, etc.


      INDESIGN: Below are my exact paths for my particular system:

      < adobe < Indesign (inside this folder I have three folders: Version 7.0, Version 8.0 and Version 9.0 – which correlates? to CS5, CS6 and CC.) < Version 8.0 < en_US < Workspaces (inside this folder I have two files of each workspace – for example named: ‘xyz.xml’ and ‘xyz_CurrentWorkspace.xml’, I don’t why there are two similarly named files??, so I copied both and pasted both (and it worked.)

      < copy the workspaces you want to bring into CC

      >Go back, to the Indesign folder and then to < Version 9.0 < en_US < Workspaces and paste the workspaces.


      I did the same for scripts: copied from the Version 8.0 folder to the Version 9.0 folder *Please note that, with updated versions, your scripts may not work…

      < Version 8.0 < en_US < scripts < scripts panel (copy scripts.)


      You can do the same for Greps, Glyphs, Find/Change, etc.


      I copied entire folders over from the en_US folders: ‘Indesign Shortcut Sets’ and ‘Glyph sets’


      PHOTOSHOP: Below are my exact paths for my particular system: * please note I also have a ‘photoshop’ folder in the ‘adobe’ folder, which did not have what I was looking for to carry over.


      < adobe < adobe photoshop CS6 < adobe photoshop CS6 settings – copy all files < go back to adobe < adobe photoshop CC < adobe photoshop CC settings – paste all files