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    Making and unwanted object disappear


      I took notes while listening to the videoclip about removing unwanted objects and  tried to apply what I had learned to a photo that had some telegraph wires I wanted to remove. I am working on a Mac OSX 10.7.5.


      I right clicked on the spot healing brush , selected the 'content aware' option but couldn't get the wires removed. Then I  also tried to lasso the wires. I  selected in the Edit menu, the option 'fill'. I repeated the exercise three times but the wires did not disappear.


      I also tried again one time lassoing first but then got this message:


      "Could not rasterize because the pixel data for this layer is not directly editable."

      So I then had to undo the lasso in the edit menu at the top of the screen.


      Where could I have gone wrong?

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          ranielse Adobe Employee


          Try this:

          Click on Image > Mode > RGB, double click on the root layer, and then click OK.


          Let me know how it goes,

          Randy Nielsen

          Product Integration Manager, Creative Cloud Learning & Training


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            ozlee18 Level 1

            Hi Randy
            Thank you so much for trying to help me. I am a complete novice with Photoshop and am trying to teach myself from the videos so I apologise if I appear incompetent! 

            I tried to do as you suggested. I clicked on the image and then at the top scrolled down and discovered that 'RGB' was already selected so left it selected. I then selected 'Layer' on the top of the screen and scrolled down but could not find ‘root layer’. The only choices available were: new, duplicate layer, new fill layer, new adjustment layer, smart objects, video layer and none of these had an option of root layer in their drop down menus. Have I misunderstood you?

            Also was I supposed to lasso the wires before following your instruction?

            In addition, I have tried to insert the image to send to you and failed to do that too- how frustrating! I clicked on the camera symbol above  this box , then 'choose file' from my computer , clicked on the image I wanted to insert and despite  it coming up in the dialogue box and  clicking 'insert image'  nothing happened. I closed the dialog box and the image was not attached.  I tried twice more with no luck. I don't think the link below will help you as it appears to be a link you need to use on my computer not for someone else to access from afar.

            I am truly sorry for not understanding your instructions but would really appreciate further help

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              ranielse Adobe Employee


              Looking back to your original post, I see two problems: First the healing/content aware fill steps weren't working, then you got the error message. So let's try starting over if you don't mind.


              Once you start over, here are some tips for Spot Healing and content aware fill:

              • Spot Healing - Make sure your "brush" size isn't too big or too small. It should be just a little bigger than the area you're trying to remove. Tip: Control brush size with the [ and ] keys
              • Content Aware fill - CA Fill uses a randomization algorithm to determine the fill color/pattern, so if it doesn't work at first, adjust your selection (Select>Modify>Contract and Select>Modify>Expand might help you here) and try again


              Let me now how it goes,