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    Indesign alt/option drag behaviour different from Illustrator, why?

    dissidently Level 2

      In Illustrator - when dragging an object I can press and hold [al/option] at any point in the drag to drop it as a dupicate.


      in Indesign - I must initiate the click/drag with the [alt/option] key already held down to get this duplicate behaviour.


      EDIT:  Looks like this is only true when dragging between pages.  But still...


      Why is this different?


      Is there some other functionality or benefit missed/added in one that's not in the other that requires it to be this way?


      I massively prefer the Illustrator way of doing this, so is there a way to change Indesign to behave like Illustrator in this respect?


      // Other interesting disparities in user experience:


      Indesign and Illustrator Text entry both recognise the [Escape] key as exit text edit mode and select Text holder object.

      Photoshop and After Effects use the [Escape] key as delete/cancel text entry/edit, but leave the text box selected on exit edit mode.


      I MUCH prefer the way Indesign and Illustrator do this.  Is there a way to make Photoshop and After Effects behave in the same manner with regards text editing?

      Is there a way to exit text editing mode in Photoshop and After Effects without touching the mouse and without deleting any textual changes?