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    Adding a Tint Block to Part of Ongoing Text

    homeboy4 User Group Manager

      I am using ID 5.5 Win working on a 3-column, multi-page report. I want to highlight portions of the text. I could cut the portions I want to highlight and put them in a text box with a tint (no stroke), indented on all four sides to get the look I want. I could also leave the highlighted portions in the text thread but just indent the desired sections, then put a separate text box underneath the indicated portions. But both of these solutions require separate text boxes and don't allow the text re-flow automatically as text is added or deteleted both outside or within the highlighted areas. I considered an underline equal to the leading but it doesn't go to both margins since the text is ragged. I also thought about paragraph rules but they only do the first line in a paragraph.


      Any suggestions?