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    Scaling Text Frames

    Walt Wolfe

      I've formatted my textbook just the way I like it.  Each page has been cropped to fit.  However, after getting back my proof from my self-publisher, the template I used didn't produce the margins I was hoping for.  Everything is too close to the top.  I just want to find a way to keep my layout for each page the same but scale it down so I can add another quarter or half inch of margin around.  I successfully was able to get some of my pages to scale using Transform>Scale at 93%.  However, some of my pages will only let me scale the text box down causing the text to reflow onto the next page and screwing up the layout.  I figure it must have something to do with autotext reflow and such but the pages that I was able to scale also had reflow. 


      What am I doing wrong?  Or do you have an easier suggestion?  I don't want to re-imagine 266 pages of text and illustrations. 


      Thanks for your help!