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    Is there any point in installing flash player 11.8.800 +


      I keep getting an invitation every time I reboot to install an update of Adobe Flash Player 11.8.800 16.9 mbs into my Dell vostro 1500 laptop in the U.K. with Vista.


      I have tried to install it but it always fails to complete installation. I can find no information as to whether installing this update will be of any value, as I rarely use Adobe, and when I do everything works ok, so what on earth is the point of these habitual updating invitations? Will I suffer in any way if I just ignore them because they will not download.

      Also with the invitation it also indicates it will install McAfeesecurity scan plus. What the hell is that? What has it got to do with an Adobe flash player. I did have McAfee securty a long time ago but found it poor compared to AVG so i now have AVG installed paid for till 2014 and do not want to go back to McAfee.Anyway I understood that if you have any virus security system, you should not attempt to install a a rival virus security system because they are likely to interfere with one another so increase your chances of getting a virus. So why am I being advised to install this with the Adobe flash player that I keep being invited to install. It all sounds like a big scam to me? Can someone please enlighten me. Thanking you