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    comp beauty passes together


      I have an idea wondering if you gys can make this work?, i want to create a script that will comp together all the passes to create an beauty pass. The passes need to be comped in this order, in order to create the beauty pass correctly.

      Again the load into stacks script be used so the names of the layers should be the same as they are named in the rendering software in the same way (vray render software). ok so were i put X that will be changing name of the layer but the rest of the layer name will stay consistent.


      this is the first layer and the base needs to be normal blending mode.


      second layer needs to be screen blending mode


      3 layer needs to be screen blending mode


      4 layer needs to be screen blending mode


      5 layer needs to be screen blending mode


      6 layer this layer needs a levels adjustment the output levels from 255 changed to 128, blending mode to overlay.

      Last step need to create a group folder called "ID" which sits on top of everything, with a curves adjustment layer inside. the curves adjustment layer has no edits in it.

      Again this is asking alot from you guys, but this script be very helpful in the cgi industry Thanks in advance.