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    LTC (linear timecode) from audio channel?


      Hello all!


      As part of a DSLR dual source shoot I received multichannel WAV files and MOV files. The MOV files have a stereo audio channel, one channel of which is reference audio (a mixdown) and the other of which has linear timecode (LTC).


      It appears that there is no way to get Premiere Pro CC to recognize the timecode. From Adobe's help page on merging clips I found the following:


      "Auto-sync using audio waveforms, free-run timecode, time-of-day timecode, AUX timecode, or separate audio timecode is not supported."


      How very disappointing.


      Does anyone know of a way to coax Premiere to recognize LTC or (if I use 3rd party software to turn it into an AUX timecode track) the AUX TC?


      Thanks in advance.