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    setting up usage rights and extracting pages


      I create a lot of contracts and sometimes I get in 300 at a time. Each one needs a signature and date field. It works great to do one at a time, but that is quite time consuming.


      In order to expedite the process, I recently printed the contracts in one file, set up the signature and date fields using the easy peasy fillable forms, and then hit the enable user rights. And, of course, saved. I then extracted all the pages seperately. On my end it appeared to work just fine. But after I sent them out a lot of the people complained saying they couldn't sign it due to security rights: "The security settings on this document prevent adding text and/or placing a signature on this document using Adobe Reader. To fill out and sign this document you need to print it out." But not everyone seems to be having trouble.


      Other than extracting the files, I did the same exact thing I always do when I do them individually. Any reason why the security portion "messed up"? Any ideas would be appreciated. Or if anyone knows how I can speed up the process in another way I'll take any ideas. Thanks!


      If it helps I have Adobe Acrobat XI Pro on Windows 7.