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    Substitutions for on-click animations



      I'm converting an existing course built in Dreamweaver and Flash that has tons of on-click interactions into Adobe Presenter 8. If we can't use on-click animations in Presenter 8, does anyone have any ideas, other than a hyperlink or separate slide, how to present a pop-up question and answer or other animation on a slide where the user can stay on the same slide and just click to read the content and then proceed to read the rest of the slide content? Any ideas are greatly appreciated.


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          Check out Accordion, Pyramid_Matrix, Pyramid_Stack interactions in Presenter. You can access these interactions via Interaction menu in the Presenter ribbon. See the attached image.

          Let me know if thsi auits your requirement.




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            SueKL Level 1

            Thank you for the suggestion but I usually only have one question on the screen and it is a fairly informal “check-in” on the learners response. I was looking for a simple alternative to the fact that we can’t do “on-click” interactions. I couldn’t see your image for some reason but went into Presenter to look at those interactions. Appreciate your response.