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    PANTONE 4-Color Process in Adobe

    Pete Campbell ScotCCS Level 1

      Tearing my hair out here, so I'm turning to people no doubt far more knowledgeable and experienced than me!


      I've been given some style guidelines which contain colours referenced by the Pantone Process system, e.g. Pantone DE 196-2 C.


      Is it possible to find this colour as a swatch in an Adobe application? It seems that all of the Adobe Pantone libraries use a different numbering convention (PMS).


      I've heard mention of "Pantone Process Coated" libraries - I'm not seeing that as part of my CS6 Design Standard installation. I do have "Pantone CMYK Coated", but it uses a numbering convention along the lines of "Pantone P 123-4 C".


      Any help? If you're given a colour spec using Pantone Process colours, how do you get started in Adobe?


      Many thanks in advance