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    Designing drop down menus in FW

    amebade05 Level 1

      I'm on Fireworks CS5


      Okay— I saw this question answered in the form of a video link on another thread, but the link is now dead.


      I'm trying to create an interactive homepage prototype for a client. Right now, we've got no pages, only the home index page.


      I want to have a drop down menu so that when the client rolls over the link, he/she will actually see the drop down menu.


      Problem is, FW's pre-built drop downs are hideous and basic and I'm doing a type of complex drop down menu as seen here.


      I've got 2 states. #1 without the drop down, #2 with the drop down.


      This is probably not a native function in FW, but is there a way to trick the program (using states and behaviors) into displaying the second state on rollover with my custom drop down?