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    Autosuggest Problem


      i have tried to implement autosuggest for the first time. But it doesn't work good. Sometimes it works good after an input, sometimes not. I also moved the html head out of the application.cfm, to make it run.

      My Situation: I have a registration page with a input for city.

      <cfinput type="Text" name="city" autosuggest="cfc:modules.autosuggest.getSuggestCities({cfautosuggestvalue},{hilfevar})" required="No" visible="Yes" enabled="Yes" showautosuggestloadingicon="True" typeahead="No">

      The autosuggest.cfc makes the sql query and returns a array.

      I can see in the AJAX Debugger that the values sometimes were not passed to the cfc. Looks like something is wrong with the event handler.

      I can see also in the AJAX Debugger that the cfc returns 10 results and the layers just shows 3 results.

      Sometimes / Often the layer does not open at all, even i can see the perfect result in the AJAX Debugger.

      Right now i have stopped with evaluation of this new function and hope that there will be a bugfix soon.

      Thanks for any help