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    Setting Photoshop CC as Default


      I am trying to set my photos to open in Photoshop CC. It was set to open just fine in regular Photoshop CS6 but once I installed Photoshop CC I was unable to open my photo's in photoshop unless I opened them in Bridge. I also can't open my InDesign documents unless I open them in Bridge. And I can't open Illustrator at all unless I open it in Bridge itself by adding the Illustrator.exe to my favorites in Bridge and then clicking on it. Is Photoshop CC not able to be the Default for photo's yet, is there a work around that can be done to have my computer register that it's even there to be set as default. Then when I uninstalled Photoshop CC because I WANT my photos to open automatically in Photoshop then when I went to re-install regular Photoshop CS6 it wasn't there to download so I had to reinstall Photoshop CC. Is there a way like I said to have my photos be open and to have my default be set in Photoshop CC?